Start over

To step out or not. The morning humidity isn’t good for my allergic rhinitis. But morning serenity is the best trigger for my writing inspiration. Indecisively I step out sipping my morning tea. Cold air greets me, making a chill run down my spine. I walk under the new arch, its pair of flowery vines growing upwards, still not meeting each other. Almost like my love life.

With grass crunching under my slippers, hot tea misting my glasses, I step towards our garden bench. It had been drenched by a drizzle last night, making my morning scribbling there impossible. This place inspires me, with its greeny grass all around, florals peeping about. Writing when inspired, is natural and blissful. Thoughts bubble in my mind, flow ou through my finger tips. When uninspired, when that magical spring has shut its doors for me, it’s tough, finding word after word, joining them, hoping for that snap, latch, perfect combination.

So my blog has been the epitome of inconsistency. With Aristotle’s whispering that “We’re what we consistently do”, and waiting for that ultimate moment of inspiration, triggered my inner cycle of procrastination.

Today is a new day in a new week. Under the pewter grey sky, chilled as if clouds are hugging me, I decide to start over. Frequent posting hereafter. Mondays for Book reviews. Fridays for Lifestyle chit-chat /musings. Will it work? Will it be yet another determination, washed down the drain? I finish my tea with one last gulp. The rain comes clashing down.


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