Things you need to know about Introverts 

  • We NEED our Lone time. We don’t just want it. We need it like Oxygen for our survival. A little in the morning, a little at night, a free day once a week is crucial for us to function as sane human beings.
  • We can only deal with a certain number of people at one time. Anyone new or falling into the “acquaintance” category need a lot of energy to deal with. That’s why we don’t like new, uncomfortable social situations. We like going to parties, but only if we can keep to our friend circles.
  • We do like people. We don’t hate people. We would like to help people, but not add them to our friend list with limited space. Suppose I meet you in a bus, I would like to take your bag and help, but not chat with you, complete stranger.
  • We like to suffer in silence. We’re not comfortable with sharing our feelings. Whenever we do, we prefer to do it through a text, not have face to face confrontation. We won’t rush to you when something bad happens, we’ll write about it, analyze it, heal ourselves and later talk to you about it.
  • We’re not cowards, we want to stand up for ourselves. We just hate confrontation, more. See the problem!
  • We actually do listen to you. So we appreciate if you don’t tell the same story repeatedly and remember what you talked about.
  • We share too little with “people we may know”, we share too much with our best friends.
  • We love our friends. We had huge difficulty making friends, maintaining friendships. Things that came naturally to you, had to be figured out by ourselves. So if you are one of our friends, we don’t wanna lose you. So excuse our possessiveness.
  • We don’t like it when extroverts declare themselves introverts. Introversion is not a trend. It may be a topic of discussion in the society these days. But we figured it out through numerous Google searches and quizzes. It is the answer to years of questioning “what’s wrong with us?” For us it’s a diagnosis, not a flashy label.
  • We need outings, social events to be pre-planned. If I’m gonna face people, I need to prepare myself for the battle.

    So do you agree?? Do you have something to add? 😊


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