The alarm went off. It’s time to workout. Is it 8am already??? Argh! Just one more YouTube video. Summer morning routine. Yeah, that’s exactly what I need to watch to start up the morning.

There’s another another suggestion. My Quick morning routine. Oh! It will tell me how I can pace up my morning. There’s a notification from Facebook.

Oops! Another 30 minutes have passed. Should I exercise today or not? I’ll decide after replying to this fb comment. Should think of a funny reply. Hmmm.. Wonder what everyone else is upto..

What???!!! Sasha got engaged??!Wow! What a lovely party. The decor is fancy. Let’s check out the dress. It looks absolutely fabulous, but a bit too tight noh? Well not my problem, right. Groom’s problem. Who’s the groom? I dunno him. Let’s stalk him. He has a nice beard. Looks good. He has a dog. Aawww….. What a cute little thing.

Hrmph. Everyone is getting married, getting dogs.. They will have a baby soon. A cute one with Sasha’s skin color. I’m gonna be forever alone. Maybe I should buy a Forever alone pillow. Why am I single? Let’s Google it up. Reasons for being single…….

Am I possessive?? Am I attentive? Do I put enough attention to my appearance? Oh! Crap! I didn’t workout today. Now I’m hungry. Can’t workout in Hunger ne. I’ll workout tomorrow. I didn’t workout yesterday even. I will start over from tomorrow. Gotta grab something to eat! 😷


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