Judgment and self image 

There’s no human on this earth who can judge you and say “You’re mildly attractive with a few talents and lots of body fat”. No one can give you a proper diagnosis. No one.

All those Google articles talking about “Features of a strong personality” etc, all those personality quizzes were created by flawed men. They had no way of knowing those were 100% accurate. So stop Googling all these questions and worrying. You are not going to find a proper answer there, and you don’t need the validation of a questionnaire.

I know you have given yourself a judgment. “I am very unattractive with an abnormal figure and probably going to die single” Do you think your criticism is right??? If we ask your friend to describe you, she might honestly say, “She’s a cute girl with lots of potential”. Now which one of you is right? That’s the thing. There’s no way of knowing that. There’s no real judge in this world.

So why do we keep believing the worst? If we’re prepared to the worst, we can deal with anything else? That phrase is not relevant to body image. We can believe that we are a dumb sucker, just as easily as we can believe we are awesome, smarty pants. So why so we spend so many hours worrying, crying, believing something about ourselves that may not be true???

Just let go. Let go of the judgment. Let go of the negative chit chat. Just breathe. Relax. Believe that you are the most freaking awesome, gorgeous badass in the world. Believe that you are going to rock the world and leave your mark on it’s history. Because why do you think mother nature created you otherwise? She created you because you are needed for this earth. You have a purpose here. That’s not to spend a whole day worrying about a pimple. You were given certain talents to be shared with the world. You were given an amazing brain,which thinks in your own in your own unique way. No one can think your thoughts the way you do it. You’re unique. Share your uniqueness with the rest of the world. The world is waiting for you. 💜💙💚


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