A cloud issues day

  There was a lot of cloud traffic today. Lots of grey, heavy cloud lads were in the sky arena. Sun only wanted to peep through the earth. Remind those sleepy, lazy asses on earth, a new day has dawned. He knew humans had clocks and alarms to tell the time. But he also knew he had a real effect on those human minds since the beginning of the times. 

 These clouds were being pompous asses and not letting him do his job. This grey, heavy type was the worst. The fluffy, white ones always let him pass through. 

 One grey, heavy head butted another. Argh! Now there’s gonna be a fight. Thunder went crackling down to the earth. All cloudy idiots joined the fight and the downpour drenched the earth. Now he can’t shine for yet another half an hour. Lazy, dazy humans are gonna sleep more tightly. 

 “You know what, screw them! Humans on earth! Clouds in the sky! Screw them all. I’m not gonna care any more. When these stupid clouds clear up, I will shine bright. Till then I’m gonna wait comfortably in my golden palace. No more peeping. I’m done peeping in the morning.” 


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