Say No to Patriarchal society 

So back in the good old caveman days, men went out hunted animals, protected their families from threatening wild beasts. Women stayed at home, took care of children and did cooking. So the whole Patriarchal society thing started. It seems fair considering all wild beasts they had to fight against.

 Well now gone are the wild beasts. Replaced with debt and rent. Against which both men and women fight against. So if both are going to work, why should just only the female come home, cook, do housekeeping and everything. The old Patriarchal society is gone. Except for the whole testosterone fuelled muscles, no big difference between the two types of people. 

  So why should cooking and housekeeping be female jobs. If you are fighting the whole money-job issue together. Fight the rest of the household jobs together too. Use those muscles for more than just opening jars. Now get your lazy ass off the couch and help your lady cook your meals. Do actual help, not annoy her enough, so she chases you out of the kitchen.

So ladies and gentlemen, the Patriarchal society is no more. We don’t want to replace it with a Matriarchal society. Let’s ditch the labels and conquer together.


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