Simple Tips on Losing Weight #healthylifestyle

Hey are you someone who tried to stick to a diet and ended up eating more than usual? Have you tried working out, then gave up because it seemed impossible? May be then this post is for you. BTW I am no personal trainer. These are just some tips and tricks I found through reading on the subject. Let’s get on with it 😊

There are few Principles of weight loss 

  • You lose weight when you burn more calories, than you eat during the day (obviously) So if you eat a lot of cakes in the evening, your morning workout might be useless. 
  • Your body starts burning Fat when you have been exercising for more than 20minutes.
  • To burn fat your heart rate should be high. So don’t drop it by resting too long in the middle of your workout. 

Let’s go through the steps. Start small and be consistent (I know that is the hard part)  But dear, did you know that “We are what we consistently do” Aristotle said that. So start with small steps you can actually do daily. 

First step 

Refine your diet 


Think about what you eat during the day. If you can’t remember, keep a food diary. Find out what your problem is. 

Do you skip breakfast? Do you eat junk food when watching TV series? Is it too less fruits and veggies? Find the problem and try healthy, lasting changes. For weight loss, diet is more important. 

Second step 

 Now that you eat healthy, let’s add a bit of exercises to your day. Start with brisk walking 🚶 for half an hour. Then start running 🏃 for 10-15 minutes. Let’s increase this slowly, for about 30 minutes. 

Third step 

Now you have built some stamina for exercising, let’s do some focused exercises. 

Go on YouTube and find a video of exercises that you can do. Start with a leg workout. My personal opinion actually. Abs are hard to do and you will soon get discouraged. Also if you start building abs under that belly pouch, it will be more bulkier. Legs have a large muscle bulk and large joints. You will burn more calories that way. 

 Pick a video where the trainer talks, so that you don’t get bored during the exercise. If she sweats a lot, much better. If she’s a size zero girl, working out like she’s just breathing, it’s not going to motivate you. Record the video or download it. Exercise while watching it. 

Regarding working out, 

  • Mornings are generally better. My personal opinion. In mornings, you get all hyped about having a productive day. Also you can train yourself to think about it first in the morning. But could be hard with work and studies. 
  • Don’t eat anything about an hour before, no tea or heavy drinks half an hour before. 
  • Stretching is a must. Do a full body stretch. Your spine needs stretching too. Then warm up.
  • Run or do jumping Jacks. Get your heart rate up, before you get on with your video. Whenever you feel your heart rate is going down, do some jumps or hops. 
  • Don’t rest too long between exercises. Don’t drink a tummy full of water. Sip a little. 
  • Exercise at least half an hour. Do stretch afterwards. It will reduce your soreness. 
  • If you have your meals post work out, the insulin levels that are high due to workout will make the carbs you are eating to get into your muscles and not get stored as fat.

Final step 

If you are now exercising pretty consistently, now maybe you can spice things up a bit. 

  • You could divide your days of the week as Arm day, Leg day, etc.
  • You could try Circuit training 
  • Add some resistance training to your schedule 
  • Try HIIT 

It’s a disgustingly long posts. Just let me add a few more sentences. 

   If you are trying to eat healthy and working out, still not much results, Darling I want you to know good things take time. Even if you don’t get those killer abs or thigh gap or whatever, you’re freaking awesome already. Because you’re giving your muscles the boost they need. You’re taking care of your body, which was feeling a bit neglected. You’re making more blood flow to your brain. Preventing future heart diseases. You are being your body’s best friend. That’s more important. Don’t only focus on the superficial things. See the bigger picture, and keep going 👍 

Till next time ✋ ☕ 


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