Thoughts. Mind. Me 

  My head is clear. I feel everything. I see everything, dust on the walls, handprints on the railing. I feel the grains of sand crush under my feet. I climb down the stairs. Completely aware of being here right now. I breathe in. I breathe out. In. Out. 

  I meet people. My whole inner world shatters. Suddenly there’s too much information. Appearances. Faces. Clothes. Voices. Instructions. Gestures. Gossip. Etiquette. Actions. Behavior. Thoughts flood my mind. I have a lot to analyze, pay attention to. I try. I soon fail. My mind drifts away, blocking out all the conversation. 

  I need to recharge. I climb up the stairs, the chatter goes down. I open my door, enter my room, my safe haven. My mind cheers up. Thoughts come and go, like waves hitting the beach. My head becomes clearer, like the sky after a storm. I feel happy. I’m free. I dwell in my beautiful solitude. 


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