Hopeless #bookreview

Hey there,

I am back after a little break. So today let me introduce you to another young adult novel Hopeless by Colleen Hoover. 


It is a teenage story different from the ones you usually encounter. It is the story of a girl, homeschooled her entire life, going to high school for senior year. She meets a guy, the usual romance bubble follows… But he brings back memories of her past and her whole world changes.The story has a very capturing beginning, keeps you in suspense with several flashbacks. The language is very descriptive, especially towards the ending. Dialogue is hidden among the description. 

She is depicted as a strong girl dealing with a judgmental world with a sense of humor. Guy is the usual badass turned into the perfect guy. Though their chemistry is good at the beginning, it becomes exhaustive later on. 

So it’s an easy read, touches on a different topic from your usual YA reads. It shows how our habits and preferences are molded from our childhood experiences. It is a good read, I’m just not hyped about it. 

So have you guys read the book? What do you think of it? 😊

Till next time ✋☕


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