I’ll give you the sun 🌞 #bookreviews 

Hey there, 

How have you been? Let me tell you about one of the most beautiful books I’ve read. 

I’ll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson is the story of twins Noah and Jude, told in two time-lines ; Noah’s story when he’s 13 years old and Jude’s story when she’s 16 years old. They both are aspiring artists: Noah a painter and Jude a sculptor. 

 The way Noah draws, the intricate thought process inside an artist’s mind are described with such intense, it made me want to rush to my sketch pad and start drawing. So is the bond Jude has with her sculptures. Though I’ve never sculpted before, the narrative gave my fingers the itchy feeling of wanting to sculpt. 

 The contrast between the Noah’s version and Jude’s is palpable. It’s not merely the story being written in two different views. You feel two separate characters, their language, beliefs, everything is different. They make you see the same world they live in, in two different aspects. 

The language of the story creates vivid images in your head using lots of sound words, tactile stimuli and visual imagery. The vibe in the surrounding is described in simple words, no exhaustive descriptions. Book makes you want to absorb every word. Jandy Nelson has carefully selected every word for you. 

The story has it’s own vocabulary “asshat”, “Clark Gable”…  In Jude’s version, there’s a collection of invented Biblical quotes. “If a boy gives a girl an orange, her love for him will multiply”. 🍎💑😉

 The two versions are intimately connected, revealing bits and pieces of the story on the way. It keeps your attention captured till the last moment. 

Book is such a masterpiece. Author’s skill, technique and creativity is simply amazing. I would love to understand the inner workings of such a talented mind. The book swallowed me and I let it. Repeated the process over and over again. It’s an experience everyone deserves to feel. So I highly recommend you pick this book and give it a go. 

Argh! It turned out to be a lengthy article. I just couldn’t stop talking about it. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings 😊

Till next time! 😘☕


14 thoughts on “I’ll give you the sun 🌞 #bookreviews 

  1. O.M.G. Do not even get me started with this absolutely beautiful book. I feel the same way, damn if I begin to describe my love for this you’d have to stay an hour(probably more) 😂 Nice reveiw!

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      1. Do not mean to be rude but

        “E-Books lack character… I have this habit of feeling the pages while reading and sometimes even smell the pages”


  2. Actually I take it take it’s not nice. It’s perfect. It sooo accurately describes what I felt about the way she wrote it and the way it made me feel, I love the way she writes. She like weaves you in until you’re so lost that nothing except the story exists… ❤ Have you read her “the sky is everywhere”?

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