Wings for musings? What is it?

Hey there,
So let me give you a simple #intro to my blog.I’m Kavi. I started the blog for the same reason most of us did:the love for writing. Picking up random,beautiful thoughts in my head, dressing them up in words and lining them up in sentences gives me quite an amount of joy. Musings I call them. This blog will give Wings for my Musings. 

In this blog you may find 

  • Random pieces of writing 
  • Book reviews ( coz I’m a freaking bookaddict and the word was one of my suggestions as a username 😇)
  • Lifestyle chit chat 🌾🍔🍻💪🏃👫💑👽

  The unique thing about my blog is gonna be its brevity. I don’t believe in lengthy paragraphs. 

Basically that is what it’s gonna be. If you are interested, stick around. We could have some fun 😉

Anyways have a great day! 😘👋


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