Suicides: deciding to end it. 

There are two types of suicides. The irrational, sudden decision type and the chronic, broken type. 

   First type decides to end it when they’re faced with a sudden hardship in life. They lived normal lives; probably better lives than you and I. When suddenly life hit them hard, in form of a breakup, loss of a loved one, they can’t handle it. They hit the quit button, without sparing a thought about those they leave broken, with their passing. They are the lives that could have been spared if there was someone, a distraction at That Specific Moment. 

  Then there’s the latter time. They lived through childhood trudges, adolescence trials, abusing, molesting, bullying. Each took a piece of them away, leaving them broken, left to pick up the pieces and patch them up. For some, it’s no specific incident. The wiring of their brains are a bit negatively charged. They were never the happy, bubbly type. They were always the troubled kids, the odd one out, the dices among the pebbles. 

 They tried to survive. They tried to live it through. In the end they just couldn’t take it any more. They could have made it if they had a guiding light all through their lives, understanding eyes that saw through their walls, proper diagnosis and medication at the right time. They needed the support of us all to see through the day. They only got our half ass attempts. In the end, they decided they couldn’t do it any more. 

“There was nothing to make him last a long time ” – Finch from All the Bright Places. 

A cloud issues day

  There was a lot of cloud traffic today. Lots of grey, heavy cloud lads were in the sky arena. Sun only wanted to peep through the earth. Remind those sleepy, lazy asses on earth, a new day has dawned. He knew humans had clocks and alarms to tell the time. But he also knew he had a real effect on those human minds since the beginning of the times. 

 These clouds were being pompous asses and not letting him do his job. This grey, heavy type was the worst. The fluffy, white ones always let him pass through. 

 One grey, heavy head butted another. Argh! Now there’s gonna be a fight. Thunder went crackling down to the earth. All cloudy idiots joined the fight and the downpour drenched the earth. Now he can’t shine for yet another half an hour. Lazy, dazy humans are gonna sleep more tightly. 

 “You know what, screw them! Humans on earth! Clouds in the sky! Screw them all. I’m not gonna care any more. When these stupid clouds clear up, I will shine bright. Till then I’m gonna wait comfortably in my golden palace. No more peeping. I’m done peeping in the morning.” 

A list of free ebooks 

Hey there, 

Probably this is unethical. Since I am not the one who released these books to the world wide web, I guess it’s okay.

We all love books. Most of us like physical books more. I do too. The feel of a book when you climb into your bed with it, the smell of the pages, both old and new, the mere act of turning over the leaves of the book.. all of it make you feel amazing. Happy. Relaxed. 

But when I can’t find the books to buy or borrow, or when I can’t afford the book prices, ebooks are the ones that fill that void. So I am forever in debt to my ebooks, my UB reader (app which has bookshelves, and allows you to turn the pages when reading) and my tablet, the size of the book. 

But not all books are available online. So if you want to know what books you can find online, keep reading. Once again I repeat. I mean no harm by this. So don’t find the links and put them down. 


  • I will give you the sun 
  • The paper towns 
  • All the bright places 
  • The book thief 
  • The Help 
  • Alchemist 
  • Kite runner 
  • Winner stands alone 
  • Hopeless 
  • The bell jar

 Classics (hope they all actually fit the category) 

  • The wind in the willows 
  • The little prince
  • Catcher in the Rye
  • The outsiders 
  • 1984
  • The giver

Book series 

  • Matched, crossed, reached 
  • Throne of Glass 
  • Mortal instruments 
  • Hunger games 
  • Seven realms 
  • Angelfall 
  • Jewel 
  • Obsidian 
  • Shatter me 
  • The Mediator 

Easy reads 

  • Almost adulting 
  • Year of yes 
  • Everything everything 
  • The rhythm of life 
  • Buffering 
  • Duff 
  • Dumpling 
  • Years of yes 

Non fiction 

  • Awaken the giant within 
  • The power of now 
  • Screw it, let’s do it 
  • The 7 habits of highly effective people 
  • 10 steps to earning awesome grades 
  • How to be a badass
  • Life changing magician of not giving a f**K
  • Elements of style

Well the list isn’t obviously complete. These are the books I found interesting. So any other books you found online??? Hope this helped. 😊

Till next time ✋ ☕ 

Say No to Patriarchal society 

So back in the good old caveman days, men went out hunted animals, protected their families from threatening wild beasts. Women stayed at home, took care of children and did cooking. So the whole Patriarchal society thing started. It seems fair considering all wild beasts they had to fight against.

 Well now gone are the wild beasts. Replaced with debt and rent. Against which both men and women fight against. So if both are going to work, why should just only the female come home, cook, do housekeeping and everything. The old Patriarchal society is gone. Except for the whole testosterone fuelled muscles, no big difference between the two types of people. 

  So why should cooking and housekeeping be female jobs. If you are fighting the whole money-job issue together. Fight the rest of the household jobs together too. Use those muscles for more than just opening jars. Now get your lazy ass off the couch and help your lady cook your meals. Do actual help, not annoy her enough, so she chases you out of the kitchen.

So ladies and gentlemen, the Patriarchal society is no more. We don’t want to replace it with a Matriarchal society. Let’s ditch the labels and conquer together.

Simple Tips on Losing Weight #healthylifestyle

Hey are you someone who tried to stick to a diet and ended up eating more than usual? Have you tried working out, then gave up because it seemed impossible? May be then this post is for you. BTW I am no personal trainer. These are just some tips and tricks I found through reading on the subject. Let’s get on with it 😊

There are few Principles of weight loss 

  • You lose weight when you burn more calories, than you eat during the day (obviously) So if you eat a lot of cakes in the evening, your morning workout might be useless. 
  • Your body starts burning Fat when you have been exercising for more than 20minutes.
  • To burn fat your heart rate should be high. So don’t drop it by resting too long in the middle of your workout. 

Let’s go through the steps. Start small and be consistent (I know that is the hard part)  But dear, did you know that “We are what we consistently do” Aristotle said that. So start with small steps you can actually do daily. 

First step 

Refine your diet 


Think about what you eat during the day. If you can’t remember, keep a food diary. Find out what your problem is. 

Do you skip breakfast? Do you eat junk food when watching TV series? Is it too less fruits and veggies? Find the problem and try healthy, lasting changes. For weight loss, diet is more important. 

Second step 

 Now that you eat healthy, let’s add a bit of exercises to your day. Start with brisk walking 🚶 for half an hour. Then start running 🏃 for 10-15 minutes. Let’s increase this slowly, for about 30 minutes. 

Third step 

Now you have built some stamina for exercising, let’s do some focused exercises. 

Go on YouTube and find a video of exercises that you can do. Start with a leg workout. My personal opinion actually. Abs are hard to do and you will soon get discouraged. Also if you start building abs under that belly pouch, it will be more bulkier. Legs have a large muscle bulk and large joints. You will burn more calories that way. 

 Pick a video where the trainer talks, so that you don’t get bored during the exercise. If she sweats a lot, much better. If she’s a size zero girl, working out like she’s just breathing, it’s not going to motivate you. Record the video or download it. Exercise while watching it. 

Regarding working out, 

  • Mornings are generally better. My personal opinion. In mornings, you get all hyped about having a productive day. Also you can train yourself to think about it first in the morning. But could be hard with work and studies. 
  • Don’t eat anything about an hour before, no tea or heavy drinks half an hour before. 
  • Stretching is a must. Do a full body stretch. Your spine needs stretching too. Then warm up.
  • Run or do jumping Jacks. Get your heart rate up, before you get on with your video. Whenever you feel your heart rate is going down, do some jumps or hops. 
  • Don’t rest too long between exercises. Don’t drink a tummy full of water. Sip a little. 
  • Exercise at least half an hour. Do stretch afterwards. It will reduce your soreness. 
  • If you have your meals post work out, the insulin levels that are high due to workout will make the carbs you are eating to get into your muscles and not get stored as fat.

Final step 

If you are now exercising pretty consistently, now maybe you can spice things up a bit. 

  • You could divide your days of the week as Arm day, Leg day, etc.
  • You could try Circuit training 
  • Add some resistance training to your schedule 
  • Try HIIT 

It’s a disgustingly long posts. Just let me add a few more sentences. 

   If you are trying to eat healthy and working out, still not much results, Darling I want you to know good things take time. Even if you don’t get those killer abs or thigh gap or whatever, you’re freaking awesome already. Because you’re giving your muscles the boost they need. You’re taking care of your body, which was feeling a bit neglected. You’re making more blood flow to your brain. Preventing future heart diseases. You are being your body’s best friend. That’s more important. Don’t only focus on the superficial things. See the bigger picture, and keep going 👍 

Till next time ✋ ☕ 

The Help #bookreview

Hey there 😊 

 Let me interest you in another book The Help by Kathryn Stockett. It is a story set in 1960’s where the racism was deeply rooted in the society. If you are not much familiar with racism, it would amaze you how a flock of people were heavily mistreated and denied a real life, even freedom to think of one, merely based on the skin color. 

Story is written in three perspectives: two from the views of Black housemaids, and one from a White lady. The narrative is particularly interesting in the voices of the two Black ladies. Story talks about the housemaids and their mistresses, happenings of their households. There are ridiculous rules as to what Negros can do and cannot.

 Language is different in the two black and white perspectives. It takes a bit of getting used to. A little suspense is always in the story. 

The white ladies those days didn’t have much to do. Cooking, children and housekeeping were taken care of by housemaids. They only had a Bridge club, a weekly newsletter, some parties and meetings to entertain them. They had a TV ofcourse. But if you were friendless, there was nothing to occupy your time. Felt super thankful for the Era I live in. 

 It is a great book, well written, provides a good understanding of a time period when humanity had lapsed blinded by color. I totally recommend you pick up the book. 

A quote for you to ponder on. “We are just two people. Not that much separates us. Not nearly as much as I’d thought.” 

Till next time ✋ ☕ 

Thoughts. Mind. Me 

  My head is clear. I feel everything. I see everything, dust on the walls, handprints on the railing. I feel the grains of sand crush under my feet. I climb down the stairs. Completely aware of being here right now. I breathe in. I breathe out. In. Out. 

  I meet people. My whole inner world shatters. Suddenly there’s too much information. Appearances. Faces. Clothes. Voices. Instructions. Gestures. Gossip. Etiquette. Actions. Behavior. Thoughts flood my mind. I have a lot to analyze, pay attention to. I try. I soon fail. My mind drifts away, blocking out all the conversation. 

  I need to recharge. I climb up the stairs, the chatter goes down. I open my door, enter my room, my safe haven. My mind cheers up. Thoughts come and go, like waves hitting the beach. My head becomes clearer, like the sky after a storm. I feel happy. I’m free. I dwell in my beautiful solitude. 

A long overdue letter #openletters 

  I want you to know I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. You always welcome me into your arms. You make me happy, in a way no one else can. When I am with you I feel relaxed, comforted. Your touch transforms me to another world. 

You have always been there for me, when I was sad, depressed, you took me into your arms and healed me. I could go on and on about you. 

My family is hardly impressed with you. I met you during my free time, missing lectures, during bus rides.. Huh.. I could never get enough of you. No wonder they always blame you. 

What they don’t know is our relationship is the most soothing thing in my life. You and I, we are forever. Though I let you go this morning, I know you will come to me at night. My dearest sleep you are my happily ever after.

With love, me… 

Hopeless #bookreview

Hey there,

I am back after a little break. So today let me introduce you to another young adult novel Hopeless by Colleen Hoover. 


It is a teenage story different from the ones you usually encounter. It is the story of a girl, homeschooled her entire life, going to high school for senior year. She meets a guy, the usual romance bubble follows… But he brings back memories of her past and her whole world changes.The story has a very capturing beginning, keeps you in suspense with several flashbacks. The language is very descriptive, especially towards the ending. Dialogue is hidden among the description. 

She is depicted as a strong girl dealing with a judgmental world with a sense of humor. Guy is the usual badass turned into the perfect guy. Though their chemistry is good at the beginning, it becomes exhaustive later on. 

So it’s an easy read, touches on a different topic from your usual YA reads. It shows how our habits and preferences are molded from our childhood experiences. It is a good read, I’m just not hyped about it. 

So have you guys read the book? What do you think of it? 😊

Till next time ✋☕

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