Unicorns and Pegasus

“U for Unicorns” That’s how I first heard about unicorns. It was my preschool English teacher that explained to me, ” Unicorns have horns, and they used to bring the gifts children wished for “. I knew unicorns didn’t exist. But childish me hoped a unicorn would bring me gifts. I know most children just believe in Santa Claus. But I wasn’t a Christian, so no Santa stories for me. I loved unicorns.

One of my earliest childhood memories is of thinking about unicorns, looking out the window, after my mother had bathed and put me in a yellow dress. But unicorns never came.

Today I was thinking about a theme for the new year and Pegasus came to my mind. They are flying unicorns. Mythical creatures, obviously. But it doesn’t make them any less amazing. Flying dragons can fly across the universe. They seem to bring hope to people. That’s my theme for the new year. To be a Pegasus and fly across the universe.


How much more time have you got?

When we were born, we were all given a clock with a timer set to go off on our expiration date. We don’t know when that is. It may be in 80 yrs, 60 yrs, 30 yrs, or it may be tomorrow.

We go through life as if we’re here to stay forever. We postpone our dreams, trips, vacations thinking we will have enough time. We procrastinate life goals, until life slips out of our hands. If you knew how much time you’ve got, would you have spent your life the way you did?

We stay stuck in traffic, boiling in anger and complaining in frustration. But all those hours of complaining, get deducted from your life span. All the time you wasted, will be regretted close to death. Life is too short, to even waste a minute.

Life is too short, to live in the past. All those minutes you lie on bed, wishing you didn’t blurt out that stupid thing infront of all the people, will be futile. Minutes of life you could have spent on happiness, you wasted on a past grievance, that cannot be reversed. Minutes are more valuable than money.

Life is too short, to be worrying about the future. You don’t even know for certain, that you have a future. These could be the last seconds you’re living on earth. I know I’m painting a bleak picture here. But you know, as I do, it’s the truth.

Life is happening now. Right now. So stop your mind from wandering around the universe, and stay here. Live in this moment, where you’re breathing your lungs full of air, wearing a face full of dreary sadness, scrolling through Internet. Stop and take a deep breath, curl your lips in a smile and enjoy the moment.

Coz your clock is ticking. Tick Tock! Tick Tock!

9 tips for planning your day

Do you feel lost at the end of the day? Wonder what the hell you did today? Where you are going with your life? If so may be you should realign your life with your life goals. Each day is a new page in the book of your life. If you get one page right at a time, your whole story will come out well. So plan each day properly. Hope these tips will help you 😊

May be this sounds like a tedious task at the end of a tiresome day. But take a few minutes, think about tomorrow’s schedule. Decide on the outfit for the next day. Iron it and lay it out. (this will spare you of a lot of headache the next morning) Arrange your hand bag or back pack. You won’t leave things behind the next day.

Also you are mentally preparing yourself for the next day during sleep. If you have forgotten anything, you will remember it when you wake up next morning. Practice this and your life will change tremendously.

In the morning, go through your planner before you get carried away by your phone.

Have a list of “Things that make you happy”. Every morning, go through it and add a few items from your list to your schedule. You will be happy and bubbly every day.

Let’s be realistic. It’s not humanly possible to do all the tasks you set out to do for a day. I have hardly heard of a person who completes everything in their To-do-list. So pick out the most important tasks. Pick the tasks that will bring you closer to your life goals. Prioritize them and follow them accordingly.

Pick one goal or habit for the day. Focus on improving that aspect of your life that day. For example: I’m going listen well today, I’m going to have good posture today… etc.

Try to practice mindful eating. Eat healthy as much as possible. Sometimes that’s not easy. So think how your day’s meals would generally go, then think of ways to make them more healthy. May be you could eat a banana with morning sandwiches. Maybe you could pack a few nuts to snack on. If you ponder on it, you will find a way.

May be you can’t workout every day. Think how much physical activity you will be engaging during the day. Will you be walking a lot? Will you be staying in the office all day?? Maybe you could take the stairs today. Maybe you can hit the gym after work. Take your gym bag with you.

After having lunch, when you are feeling all lazy and dazy, review how your day went so far. What is left to do? How can you improvise?

At the end of the day, sit back and review the day. Am I better than yesterday? What did I learn today? Did this day help me get closer to my goals? What went well today? How awesome was I today? What are the things I’m grateful for? Grow a little every day 😘💝

The Winner Stands Alone #bookreview

The Winner Stands Alone, Paulo Coelho’s caricature of film industry is filled with constant suspension, and ruminative concepts. Based around Cannes Film Festival, the story delves into the lives of actors, film producers, models, fashion designers. In Coelho’s portray, their lives are prosperous and happy to the eye of media,but hollow and unsatisfied in the reality.

The story begins with the description of a gun. Ya, a gun. The protagonist, Igor, a self made successful business man, an unorthodox Catholic, intends to “destroy worlds” to get back his ex-wife, Ewa. That’s his only purpose in attending this world renowned film festival, where both his ex-wife and her new husband are attending.

There is constant tension in the story line, while Paulo manipulates the characters to serve his purpose of criticizing the film industry. It’s stimulative, informative and interesting. All the aspects I expect in a good book. Do I recommend it? Yes, definitely. Will I pick it again? Maybe.

“With the little artifacts he has brought with him, all the dreams of power, success, fame and money could be punctured in an instant”

Start over

To step out or not. The morning humidity isn’t good for my allergic rhinitis. But morning serenity is the best trigger for my writing inspiration. Indecisively I step out sipping my morning tea. Cold air greets me, making a chill run down my spine. I walk under the new arch, its pair of flowery vines growing upwards, still not meeting each other. Almost like my love life.

With grass crunching under my slippers, hot tea misting my glasses, I step towards our garden bench. It had been drenched by a drizzle last night, making my morning scribbling there impossible. This place inspires me, with its greeny grass all around, florals peeping about. Writing when inspired, is natural and blissful. Thoughts bubble in my mind, flow ou through my finger tips. When uninspired, when that magical spring has shut its doors for me, it’s tough, finding word after word, joining them, hoping for that snap, latch, perfect combination.

So my blog has been the epitome of inconsistency. With Aristotle’s whispering that “We’re what we consistently do”, and waiting for that ultimate moment of inspiration, triggered my inner cycle of procrastination.

Today is a new day in a new week. Under the pewter grey sky, chilled as if clouds are hugging me, I decide to start over. Frequent posting hereafter. Mondays for Book reviews. Fridays for Lifestyle chit-chat /musings. Will it work? Will it be yet another determination, washed down the drain? I finish my tea with one last gulp. The rain comes clashing down.


The alarm went off. It’s time to workout. Is it 8am already??? Argh! Just one more YouTube video. Summer morning routine. Yeah, that’s exactly what I need to watch to start up the morning.

There’s another another suggestion. My Quick morning routine. Oh! It will tell me how I can pace up my morning. There’s a notification from Facebook.

Oops! Another 30 minutes have passed. Should I exercise today or not? I’ll decide after replying to this fb comment. Should think of a funny reply. Hmmm.. Wonder what everyone else is upto..

What???!!! Sasha got engaged??!Wow! What a lovely party. The decor is fancy. Let’s check out the dress. It looks absolutely fabulous, but a bit too tight noh? Well not my problem, right. Groom’s problem. Who’s the groom? I dunno him. Let’s stalk him. He has a nice beard. Looks good. He has a dog. Aawww….. What a cute little thing.

Hrmph. Everyone is getting married, getting dogs.. They will have a baby soon. A cute one with Sasha’s skin color. I’m gonna be forever alone. Maybe I should buy a Forever alone pillow. Why am I single? Let’s Google it up. Reasons for being single…….

Am I possessive?? Am I attentive? Do I put enough attention to my appearance? Oh! Crap! I didn’t workout today. Now I’m hungry. Can’t workout in Hunger ne. I’ll workout tomorrow. I didn’t workout yesterday even. I will start over from tomorrow. Gotta grab something to eat! 😷

Things you need to know about Introverts 

  • We NEED our Lone time. We don’t just want it. We need it like Oxygen for our survival. A little in the morning, a little at night, a free day once a week is crucial for us to function as sane human beings.
  • We can only deal with a certain number of people at one time. Anyone new or falling into the “acquaintance” category need a lot of energy to deal with. That’s why we don’t like new, uncomfortable social situations. We like going to parties, but only if we can keep to our friend circles.
  • We do like people. We don’t hate people. We would like to help people, but not add them to our friend list with limited space. Suppose I meet you in a bus, I would like to take your bag and help, but not chat with you, complete stranger.
  • We like to suffer in silence. We’re not comfortable with sharing our feelings. Whenever we do, we prefer to do it through a text, not have face to face confrontation. We won’t rush to you when something bad happens, we’ll write about it, analyze it, heal ourselves and later talk to you about it.
  • We’re not cowards, we want to stand up for ourselves. We just hate confrontation, more. See the problem!
  • We actually do listen to you. So we appreciate if you don’t tell the same story repeatedly and remember what you talked about.
  • We share too little with “people we may know”, we share too much with our best friends.
  • We love our friends. We had huge difficulty making friends, maintaining friendships. Things that came naturally to you, had to be figured out by ourselves. So if you are one of our friends, we don’t wanna lose you. So excuse our possessiveness.
  • We don’t like it when extroverts declare themselves introverts. Introversion is not a trend. It may be a topic of discussion in the society these days. But we figured it out through numerous Google searches and quizzes. It is the answer to years of questioning “what’s wrong with us?” For us it’s a diagnosis, not a flashy label.
  • We need outings, social events to be pre-planned. If I’m gonna face people, I need to prepare myself for the battle.

    So do you agree?? Do you have something to add? 😊

    Judgment and self image 

    There’s no human on this earth who can judge you and say “You’re mildly attractive with a few talents and lots of body fat”. No one can give you a proper diagnosis. No one.

    All those Google articles talking about “Features of a strong personality” etc, all those personality quizzes were created by flawed men. They had no way of knowing those were 100% accurate. So stop Googling all these questions and worrying. You are not going to find a proper answer there, and you don’t need the validation of a questionnaire.

    I know you have given yourself a judgment. “I am very unattractive with an abnormal figure and probably going to die single” Do you think your criticism is right??? If we ask your friend to describe you, she might honestly say, “She’s a cute girl with lots of potential”. Now which one of you is right? That’s the thing. There’s no way of knowing that. There’s no real judge in this world.

    So why do we keep believing the worst? If we’re prepared to the worst, we can deal with anything else? That phrase is not relevant to body image. We can believe that we are a dumb sucker, just as easily as we can believe we are awesome, smarty pants. So why so we spend so many hours worrying, crying, believing something about ourselves that may not be true???

    Just let go. Let go of the judgment. Let go of the negative chit chat. Just breathe. Relax. Believe that you are the most freaking awesome, gorgeous badass in the world. Believe that you are going to rock the world and leave your mark on it’s history. Because why do you think mother nature created you otherwise? She created you because you are needed for this earth. You have a purpose here. That’s not to spend a whole day worrying about a pimple. You were given certain talents to be shared with the world. You were given an amazing brain,which thinks in your own in your own unique way. No one can think your thoughts the way you do it. You’re unique. Share your uniqueness with the rest of the world. The world is waiting for you. 💜💙💚

    Suicides: deciding to end it. 

    There are two types of suicides. The irrational, sudden decision type and the chronic, broken type. 

       First type decides to end it when they’re faced with a sudden hardship in life. They lived normal lives; probably better lives than you and I. When suddenly life hit them hard, in form of a breakup, loss of a loved one, they can’t handle it. They hit the quit button, without sparing a thought about those they leave broken, with their passing. They are the lives that could have been spared if there was someone, a distraction at That Specific Moment. 

      Then there’s the latter time. They lived through childhood trudges, adolescence trials, abusing, molesting, bullying. Each took a piece of them away, leaving them broken, left to pick up the pieces and patch them up. For some, it’s no specific incident. The wiring of their brains are a bit negatively charged. They were never the happy, bubbly type. They were always the troubled kids, the odd one out, the dices among the pebbles. 

     They tried to survive. They tried to live it through. In the end they just couldn’t take it any more. They could have made it if they had a guiding light all through their lives, understanding eyes that saw through their walls, proper diagnosis and medication at the right time. They needed the support of us all to see through the day. They only got our half ass attempts. In the end, they decided they couldn’t do it any more. 

    “There was nothing to make him last a long time ” – Finch from All the Bright Places. 

    A cloud issues day

      There was a lot of cloud traffic today. Lots of grey, heavy cloud lads were in the sky arena. Sun only wanted to peep through the earth. Remind those sleepy, lazy asses on earth, a new day has dawned. He knew humans had clocks and alarms to tell the time. But he also knew he had a real effect on those human minds since the beginning of the times. 

     These clouds were being pompous asses and not letting him do his job. This grey, heavy type was the worst. The fluffy, white ones always let him pass through. 

     One grey, heavy head butted another. Argh! Now there’s gonna be a fight. Thunder went crackling down to the earth. All cloudy idiots joined the fight and the downpour drenched the earth. Now he can’t shine for yet another half an hour. Lazy, dazy humans are gonna sleep more tightly. 

     “You know what, screw them! Humans on earth! Clouds in the sky! Screw them all. I’m not gonna care any more. When these stupid clouds clear up, I will shine bright. Till then I’m gonna wait comfortably in my golden palace. No more peeping. I’m done peeping in the morning.”